RodKote Benefits

RodKote is a superior TSE (Thermal Set Elastomer) coating material designed specifically for downhole oilfield applications. TSE is unaffected by intermittent attack from contained materials, corrosive substances and abrasive action. Field trials consisting of MAC100Cc and MAC200Wc tubing in conjunction with RodKote have shown minimal wear on both the rod and the tubing string. The technology to apply the TSE coating is being developed for conventional and continuous rod strings.

After extensive trials on various Pony Rods in a PCP cold heavy oil production environment, the results show minimal wear when run in conjunction with either MAC100Cc or MAC 200Wc (a synergistic wear combination).  Current field trials are evaluating the application on RodKote on accessories such as rod couplings, scrapers and sinker bars, as well as MWD components (Measurement While Drilling).