About ThermalKote

ThermalKote is a High Performance Insulated coating system specifically designed to solve the thermal issues found in oil and gas production.

Applications for ThermalKote

Conventional Down Hole

ThermalKote allows the preservation of formation heat during extraction thereby inhibiting the deposition of waxes and paraffins on the inside of the tubing.

Key Benefits, Downhole Application:

  • Reduced Chemical Usage, wax inhibitors are reduced or even eliminated
  • Isolation is completely sealed from well bore fluids by an abrasion resistant elastomer
  • Can be installed normal rig tools, no special elevators or slips are needed
  • Insulation is Hydrophobic
  • Outside diameter is less then 1 tubing size increase
  • No need for costly down time to run wax knives via wireline
  • Can be paired with MAC100Cc to inhibit internal Corrosion thereby extending tubing life

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage – SAGD

ThermalKote is in direct competition with the outdated Vacuum in Tube Tubing (VIT).  Traditional VIT tubing does not completely eliminate heat transfer. ThermalKote’s system of completely enclosing the connection reduces heat transfer along the entire length of the string, reducing energy consumption, and preserving uniform steam flow. Exterior Coating is rated to 300℃.

Key Benefits, SAGD Application:

  • ThermalKotehas a smaller outside diameter of equivalent VIT tubing, thus allowing installation in a larger range of casing sizes.
  • Less heat loss to casing resulting in slower wellhead growth and preserves integrity at the seal
  • ThermalKotecan also be applied to Casing for new installations with a bond strength of 16000 ft./lbs to the cement
  • Can be installed normal rig tools, no special elevators or slips are needed

Insulation of Surface Piping

The technology and expertise to apply ThermalKote on a variety of process equipment is readily available. Please contact us for additional information.

Photo explained: The intent of photos are to demonstrate the cement bond of ThermalKote. Test results showed 16000 ft/lb required to unseat ThermalKote from cemented casing.