About MAC Coatings

Pro-Pipe Service is a highly specialized coating company that employs skilled engineers and technicians. Our patented processes enable us to coat OCTG products and accessories with a Metallic Alloy Coating. Wear and Corrosion problems related to production equipment and unscheduled shut downs cost the industry over $17billion per year, 40-50% can be avoided with proper prevention.

MAC coatings originate through a chemical reduction process, depositing a Metallic Alloy Coating through a catalytic reduction of ions in an aqueous solution. Stringent process controls ensure uniform coating thickness, excellent adhesion & service performance from MAC on various metallic substrates.


  • Uniformity of deposits and coating thickness
  • MAC coatings can be tailored to specific operating environments and substrates
  • Product line incorporates a variety of imbedded topcoats and composite technologies
  • Deposits have inherent lubricity and non-galling characteristics
  • Operating temperatures up to 880°C
  • Bond strength of 19 K – 60 K PSI (Tested Ring Shear Method)
  • Micro Hardness of 450-600 HV (49 HRC)
  • Hardness can be increased for wear to 1150VHN (70 – 72 HRC) using our proprietary technologies and bake treatments. This does not affect the substrate (< 400°C).

* Hardness can be increased for heavy wear use to 1150VHN (70 – 75 HRC) using our proprietary nano-technology and bake-treatment. This does not affect the substrate (< 400°C).

MAC100Cc – Corrosion Control


  • Rockwell Hardness of 49
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Good for use with H2S & CO2


  • Corrosive & highly corrosive applications
  • Wells with moderate wear and corrosion

MAC100+ Plus – Corrosion Control


  • Rockwell Hardness of 60+
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Chemically inert
  • Low coefficient of friction which improves sliding wear from rods
  • Prevents scale & wax deposition


  • Highly corrosive applications
  • Wells with wax, sulphur deposition, & scale issues
  • CO2 floods

MAC100+ Plus is a synergetic coating that combines the corrosion resistant characteristics of our flagship MAC100Cc Metallic Alloy Coating with a bonded, low energy proprietary fluoropolymer.

The result is a hydrophobic coating that offers: resistance to scale build-up, a very low co-efficient of friction, and the ability to withstand extreme downhole corrosive and acidic environments containing brines, CO2, and H2S up to 400°F (205°C).

The Proprietary fluoropolymer used in MAC100+ Plus is one of the most chemically resistant polymers known.

Coating Properties

  • Composition: Amorphous metallic alloy base with integrated polymer topcoat.
  • Hardness 775 HV (63 HRC equivalent)
  • Coefficient of Friction 0.15
  • Thickness 40-50 microns
  • Excellent impact resistance.

MAC 200Wc – Wear Control


  • Rockwell Hardness minimum of 70
  • Natural lubricity – recommended in conjunction with RodKote (conventional sucker rods/co-rod)
  • Good for high wear sections including deviations and build sections in horizontal applications.


  • Wells with deviation / build sections
  • Aggressive side loads – Recommended for high wear / abrasion

MAC200+ plus – Wear Control


  • Rockwell Hardness minimum of 70
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction which improves sliding wear from rods
  • Prevents scale and wax deposition
  • Recommended for high wear/abrasion and includes corrosion resistance


  • Wells with wax or scale issues
  • Good for high rod wear sections
  • Suitable for wear and corrosion applications

MAC300UW – Ultra Wear Control


  • Hardness range of 1200 – 1600 HV (0.1) Rockwell C Hardness of 75
  • Extreme wear resistance


  • EXTREME wear and corrosion issues

Metallic Alloy Composite Coating that is designed to withstand extreme abrasive, erosive, and sliding wear environments in downhole applications. The coating combines proven MAC pre-treatment and an amorphous alloy structure with imbedded composite technology. The result is a high strength bonded alloy layer with a TWI rating of 1.5 or less that offers good corrosion protection and extreme wear resistance.


  • No ID restriction
  • Low coefficient of friction & natural lubricity
  • Complete protection of tubing string including threads/coupling
  • Reduces inhibitor use
  • Suitable for gas lift, injector & disposal wells, CO2 injection & H2S producing wells
  • No special running tools (wireline / slick line)
  • 100% Canadian owned
  • Coating available for full length tubing & casing joints as well as special projects and accessories

Accessories include but are not limited to:

Barrels, Wellheads, Profiles, Sucker Rods, Pull Thru Tubes, Pony Rods, Sinker Bars, Packers, Staters, Down Hole Anchors, Stuffing Boxes, Flow Tees, Pump Tees, Shears, Couplings, Pup Joints, Mandrels, Crossovers, Bonnets, Swages, Pump Seat Nipples, Tubing Hangers, & Flanges.


MAC Coatings can successfully be applied to and suited to products in a variety of industries.


Innovation is a core value of Pro-Pipe Service & Sales Ltd and is critical to future success. Providing concrete solutions to our end users requires commitment to new technologies and affordable products.

Here are a few things we’re currently working on.

  • Research and development of future coating apparatus
  • Developing co-deposition of composite and nanotechnologies using new products
  • Developing a dynamic computer model using FEA analysis to predict rod and or tubing failure
  • Sliding wear apparatus to simulate side load and coefficient of friction values

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