Pro-Pipe offers the following convenient services:


Inspection services can include visual thread and full-length drift inspection to a full gauge and tube run inspection. Contact us to discuss your inspection needs.

API Repairs

10 year fully licensed API threading facility (Rock Tubulars). We can thread OCTG pipe up to range 3 in length and 11 ¾” in diameter. We have the ability to thread the following API Spec connections:

  • STC (Short Thread Coupled)
  • BTC (Buttress Thread Coupled)
  • LTC (Long Thread Coupled)
  • EUE (External Upset End)
  • NUE (Non-Upset End)

ISO Quality Assurance

We operate a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001:2015. Our quality management system allows us to meet production requirements in a quick and effective manner.


Pro-Pipe Services offers premium, accessible and secure storage solutions for our valued customers. Inventory is available throughout the province of Alberta and Saskatchewan (Nisku, Millet, Lloydminster, Brooks, Taber, Macklin and Grand Prairie).

Supply and Transportation

Pro-Pipe Service can assist you with diverse supply and transportation needs. Site clean-up and abandonment projects.

Tubular / Casing / Inspection Services

  • Vedaq Scan II – Transverse / Continuous Wall Inspection
  • Roll-by Inspection
  • Visual Thread / SEA
  • Full Length Drift

Tubular / Casing / Repair Services

  • Tubular and Casing Thread Repairs
  • Tubular and Casing Couplings Repairs
  • Tubular and Casing Straightening

Drill Pipe / Downhole

  • Visual Inspection
  • Magnetic Particle
  • Mechanical Gauging
  • De-magnetize
  • Ultra-sonics
  • All Thickness
  • EMI – Drill Pipe
  • Bottom Hole Assembly

Tubulars –
New and Reconditioned

  • Pup Joints
  • Couplings
  • PSN
  • PIN / Coupling Protectors


  • Frac Strings – L80 J55 P110
  • Work Over Strings
  • Available in various sizes and conditions

Sucker Rods – New and Reconditioned

  • Float Equipment
  • Marker Joints
  • Couplings (Directive 10)
  • Pin / Coupling Protectors

Custom Manufactured

  • OCTG Crossovers
  • OCTG Marker Joints
  • The CCB Sleeve
  • Friction Reducing Rod Coupling
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Engineered Pipe Racks
  • Selective brush plating
  • Containment systems
  • With our fully licensed API 5CT threading facility, we can manufacture pup joints from casing sizes 4 ½” up to and including 11 ¾” in either STC, LTC or BTC connects